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The Highest Quality Recurve Windshields
Handcrafted Excellence  –  Made in the USA

TRI GLIDE® Windshield Features

Freedom AirCurve design – our recurve drives the airflow 2″-3″ higher than a standard windshield
• Cleaner air flow – less wind noise & turbulence for the rider and passenger
• Helps to stabilize the bike at higher speeds
• Allows you to use a shorter windshield for a better view over the top without sacrificing comfort or use the same size or taller windshield for added comfort.
• 30% thicker than the stock windshield and other windshields for more stability and added strength
• Crystal clear optical clarity – No distortion !
• High Gloss, hand polished edges
• Slightly wider on the upper half of the windshield – wider wind deflection creates a quieter, more comfortable ride for the rider and passenger
• Best quality, performance, optical clarity, fit and finish in the industry

• The Standard style is the same width at the base as the stock windshield. It has the recurve up at the top and keeps more of the stock look.

• The Touring style is our wider style with the same recurve at the top. The base of the windshield extends out about 3″ wider on each side over the inner fairing and stays about 2″ wider on each side going up the sides.  It spreads the wind out to the sides farther getting the wind off of your arms and shoulders better, it is quieter, and helps get the wind around the passenger better also *May not fit with taller aftermarket handlebars.

How to Measure the Windshield

12 sizes to choose from 5″ – 16″

The size is measured by laying a tape measure on the front center of the windshield from the top of the fairing to the top edge of the windshield. The exposed windshield.

See “Choosing a Size” below to help with choosing the correct size windshield.


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• Premium high impact modified acrylic – 5 Year Warranty, the longest warranty in the industry
• Very durable – The same material is used around hockey rinks, sky lights, optical lenses, etc.
• D.O.T. Approved – Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
• UV protection – windshield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather
• Rain-X safe

Choosing a Size

Looking Over the Windshield

The ideal height is where the top edge of the windshield is level with the tip of your nose. This gives you about 2” to see over the top of the windshield when you are looking straight ahead. With this height, the wind will clear the top of your head for a comfortable and quiet ride. The taller you go the better it feels, especially for the passenger, as long as the top edge doesn’t creep up into your line of sight.

Looking Through the Windshield

The ideal height is where the top edge of the windshield is about 2″ above your line of sight.  This gives the most comfort and protection for both the rider and the passenger, but when it rains and the windshield gets wet and dirty it gets harder to see through the windshield.

Measuring Tips

–  If you have a tall windshield on your bike, you can place a piece of Blue Painters Masking Tape on your windshield with the top edge of the tape at different heights and take a short ride to get settled into your normal riding position.

–  If you have a short windshield on your bike, you can tape different size pieces of cardboard on your windshield with Blue Painters Masking Tape and take a slow ride to get settled into your normal riding position.

Test Ride our Windshield

Your windshield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the windshield. Make sure to leave the plastic on the windshield, mount the windshield and take a short test ride, as long as you have good visibility.

If you are not completely satisfied with the height or performance of the windshield, you may return the windshield for a different size or for full credit (less any shipping charges) as long as the windshield is like new and the protective plastic film has not been removed.

Take your time . . . make sure it is right.  No worries if you order in the winter months and it takes until Spring to try it out.

Video Reviews

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7″ Medium Grey Touring on the Electra Glide 

7″ Dark Grey Standard on the Street Glide

8″ Clear/Dark Grey Standard on the Street Glide

8″ Dark Grey Touring on the Street Glide

9″ Light Grey Standard on the Street Glide

9″ Dark Grey Touring on the Street Glide

Rider Reviews

Like the rest thank you for a quality-built product

I want to say first, like the rest thank you for a quality-built product. I don’t know how much time you invested in upcurve angles and how to get the optical clarity down, but it works. I am 5’6 180 and I ride a 21 SGS with a heated and cooled sundowner seat and the 8 inch med smoke touring shield was it for me. I can still see over the shield about 2-3 bike lengths ahead. Realistically less than that I can look through it which is optically clear so no issues but if I’m doing that than I’m following too close. I wear a half helmet and at 130 my head and sunglasses are still attached to me. Head buffeting is gone. And like others have said my radio is clearer and even at the 130 mark where wind takes over, I am 3-4 bars less on volume and can hear it fine. Install was easy it fit right in, I sat on the bike and my eye level over was good, so I ripped off the film and trusted what others said about the wind performance, and it fit the bill. It is also thicker as claimed, and I didn’t have to put a micrometer to measure, it’s obvious. Thank you for a great shield and a great policy if I needed something different. 

Review By: Rickey – Hollywood, FL

The overall fit is excellent

After a new seat purchase, which sat me about an inch higher on my Limited, it was time to go a little bigger with my windshield. I’m also going to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway with some buddies in the fall so…. I ordered your 11 inch TOURING windshield to swap out with the 9 inch I bought from you a few years back. I installed the touring windshield the afternoon I received it. It took some patience to get the mounting bolts to line up and when it was done, I took it for a test ride. I wasn’t sure if I had gone too tall and the plastic film kept drawing my eyes to it…SO, I went home, pulled the windshield, and removed the protective film. I rode my bike to work the next morning at 04:45 and found the 11″ height to be PERFECT!! The overall fit is excellent. The wings are not rubbing on the fairing, and it looks great! Thanks for designing and manufacturing such a thick and solid windshield!!

Review By: Don – Ledgewood, NJ


INCREDIBLE shields. I have a 2015 HD ultra limited, and from the start was unimpressed by the stock shield. After research I kept seeing how John, Freedom Shields, personally responds to requests, I was not disappointed. Impressed as he responded to my inquiry at 2300. Pretty late for a response, again impressed. He asked and understood how I “sit” on the bike and offered his suggestions. I decided to get two. One shorter and darker for more local rides. . .yes the kid came out and it was a “cool” looking shield. I ordered a taller more practical highway shield. I have logged about 3500 miles between the two and have been impressed on every ride. The shields arrived slightly faster than promised, were well protected for shipping. The first impression was high quality. They were noticeably thicker than stock. They installed without any issues. The fit and finish is second to none. then off to ride. I was impressed enough the protective film was removed halfway through the “test drive”. The taller shield was used for a ride from Indianapolis to Daytona. (return trip was non-stop straight through ride). 3 major heavy downpours, many large (prehistoric Florida bugs, construction zones littered with fine material being blown up off road and the shield never gave me pause or regret. I purchased a 9″ medium tint (no problem seeing through after dark to road surface) and a 10″light tint. Both were touring width a choice I DO NOT regret. Awesome. Any bike I own moving forward with be immediately equipped with Freedom Shields windshield. As far as the real important aspect, the people. John and his staff are the epitome of how and what customer service should look and feel like. Don’t overthink the decision, touch base with John and get your shield. Thank you, John, for an incredible experience.

Review By: Walter – Greenfield, IN

I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Worked with John and his crew to get the windshield issue resolved.  I must say how refreshing it is to have a company and owner so dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction. The windshield is amazing.  I’m 6’2 and initially ordered a MED Grey 10” windshield for my 2019 FLHTK / Ultra, but that was too big, in my eye line of sight (for how I sit in the seat (stock HD seat). John and I worked through the issues and decided on the 9” LIGHT Grey tint.  Perfect!!!!  Looks great, and more importantly does what it is designed to do (minimize rider helmet / head buffeting). Thanks again John, and I would highly recommend Freedom Shields to anyone wanting to improve their riding experience!!!!!!!!!!

Review By; Mark – Clarksville, TN

Thanks for making such a good product

Want to let you know I am extremely pleased with the shield and the look. I wasn’t really sure about the about the touring style when ordering it but after putting it on I am glad I went that route. I also have the 9 inch on my 2005 that have gotten from you eight years ago. Thanks for making such a good product, hard to come by these days!!!!

Review By: Kevin – Westfield, VT

Didn’t get a hair out of place!

I wanted to take a quick minute to email a big THANKS!  Got my new windshield on my trike.  Fits like a glove.  Took it for a quick spin after a super easy install.  Didn’t get a hair out of place!  Looking forward to putting a ton of miles on the trike with my new Freedom windshield. Thanks again!

Review By: John – Stanton, TN

Get your shield from Freedom Shields

I broke my shield on my Electra Glide. I come across Freedom Shields. My old windshield was 10″ from center of the bolt hole to top of shield so I ordered a 10″ from Freedom Shields. Was informed a new shield would be a few weeks as they custom make to order. Ordered a cheap one, 10″ off Amazon, and it was horrible. Contacted them and gave them some info. I was getting a new seat that was going to sit me up a little higher than the stock seat. They recommend a 11 or 12″. I decided to go 12″ at 6’5″ I figured that was best. They changed the order before the 10″ shipped. Got the new shield in and a quick road test and found it to be too tall for my liking. Sent an email and got the return process started to go with a 11″ touring width. Return process was quick and painless. Got the new shield in and took a quick road test and it was perfect. Took a 375 mile trip through thick fog on the highway and windy back roads through light rain. Shield was amazing. Buy once and cry once. Get your shield from Freedom Shields. A great product from a company with amazing customer service. 

Review By: James – Mooresville, NC

Now I’m ready to roll on Puerto Rico Roads

I was testing my new Freedom Shield. No more wind blast and burble head, very comfortable. Engine and music sound is awesome 😎. Very very happy with this shield. Now I’m ready to roll on Puerto Rico Roads.

Review By: Efrain – Puerto Rico

Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Hi John, I just wanted to let you know that I received my shield. You were correct about the hole spacing for Reckless fairings and everything fit like a glove. This is by far the best aftermarket windshield I have ever seen. I have had it in for 24 hours and have already received 4 unsolicited compliments. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product!

Review By: Matt – Saugus, MA

It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team for our new shield. My Wife and I just finished our 1000+ mi. trip to the Adirondack on our “21” Ultra.  The 8” touring model, light grey tint was outstanding. My Wife (5’8”) said the shield was as good if not better than the 10” stock. No buffering at all, even at high speeds. The touring model also took some wind off her shoulders. Additionally, the speakers even sounded clearer and there was very limited resistance passing those 18 wheelers.  At 5’11’’ I was able to see over the 8” by a couple of inches and the light grey tint was not only “practical” when I did look through it but also looked much better than I anticipated. One final note. I was initially concerned about the space/gap on the fairing that I had heard about, in a few other reviews. John, you were spot on 1/16”, not an issue. I don’t know of many companies where you can actually speak directly to the owner and receive a five-year warranty (best in the business) …. Enough said. It’s easy to see why Freedom Shields are by far the BEST!

Review By: Chas – Milford, MA (8″ Light Grey Touring Style)

This shield is so awesome.

Thank you everyone at Freedom Shields. This shield is so awesome, looks great, perfect height, no more helmet buffeting, no more achy neck and shoulders, you’re all the best!!! Thank you again

Review By: Floyd – San Gabriel, CA

The quality, clarity, and polished edges are awesome!

Except for being about ¾” taller than I am used to, it’s really great.  I think the touring size is the right fit for a trike.  The quality, clarity, and polished edges are awesome! The pic does not do the clarity justice!

Review By: Kevin – East Haven, CT

Another world class product from Freedom Shields.

Got my shield and put it on. Looks great, just what I wanted. Another world class product from Freedom Shields. Thank you, for a great product. Been buying Freedom Shields for over 10 years on different bikes. Will continue to buy Freedom Shields.

Review By: Marv – White Pine, TN

This shield is AWESOME!  

John, your quick response to my several emails and completely answering all my questions regarding help on getting the right height was 100% spot on.  I have to admit, high quality customer service is nearly a lost art in retail sales, thank you and the team for outstanding service!   This new shield greatly improved the look of my bike, the stock shield was tall about 15 inches, good protection, terrible glare and not a good fit for me.  With my Freedom Shield, I am looking over it, at a proper height, even if I slouch a little.  My wife as the passenger has good wind protection as well, no wind buffeting and a comfortable ride also.  I have to say your quality control folks have eagle vision, I decided to purchase a “blem”, 8″ touring width that was listed for the 2014 touring bikes, I can barely see where, even with the little sticker showing where the “scratch” is located see any issue or problem on this shield.   I could not be more pleased. I will for sure recommend Freedom Shield to anyone who may be looking for a high-quality windshield, a fantastic customer support team and well packaged/shipped products. Thank you all very much!

Review By: Norman – Salem, OR

I’m looking forward to many more miles with my Freedom Shield windshield.

John, I wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love my new windshield from Freedom Shields. Harley Davidson has designed, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful bikes ever made by the motor company. The only thing that they missed the mark on in my opinion was the factory windshield. After numerous direct hits from swarms of bees etc., I’m looking forward to many more miles with my Freedom Shield windshield. It has enhanced the riding experience greatly. I must include wind protection also reduction in noise which makes listening to my boom audio that much nicer, even at highway speeds. I want to thank you again for the laser etching.  I think it looks beautiful, subtle and really stands out on this motorcycle. Thanks again for everything! I appreciate your attention to detail.

Review By: Fran – Valencia, CA

I had absolutely no buffeting whatsoever.

I received my windshield sooner than expected installed it on my 2013 street glide.  Within one week I left on a 1500 mile trip. I had absolutely no buffeting whatsoever.  I had no issues with wind coming inside my glasses  regardless of speed . We actually had one entire day of severe thunderstorms and I was able to ride right through it. Going with the wider touring model took so much more of the wind away and I had very little fatigue after 8 to 9 hours in the saddle. I went from another competitors windshield that I had on for over 40 thousand miles. And if I would have known about you before I would have thrown theirs in the trash. Very very impressed. Thank you so much for your great service and such a great product.

Review By: Mark – Melbourne, FL

I would have never guessed in a million years that such a slight recurve could make such a difference.

Just a quick note to let you know that I received the 8” windshield that replaced the 10” which was too tall for my sight lines. I put it on this morning and took a trial run with it… then I peeled the plastic off and took it for a good ride! Wow! I would have never guessed in a million years that such a slight recurve could make such a difference. I swear the bike handles better at speed and when mixing it up on the highway with semi’s. Also, rain drops that crawl up the windshield fly up and over me as opposed to flying straight back into my face with the stock shield. I took it up to triple digits and was blown away by the calm and quiet behind it. The bonus is that with it being lower than the stocker my forward view is incredible. Plus the shorter shield simply looks better. Thank you for such a fine product!

Review By: David – British Columbia, Canada

I can see over the windshield perfectly (which I like) and there is no buffeting.

This is the 8″ medium tint, touring style, on my 2017 Electra Glide Ultra Classic, and I love it. I’m 5’11” and the 8″ is perfect from my height.  I can see over the windshield perfectly (which I like) and there is no buffeting. I am very pleased, and the return policy is awesome.  I returned two others to get my perfect fit.

Review By: Kevin – Houston, TX

Really enjoying the ride.

I bought/installed my Freedom Shield last spring and after over 12K miles, it is working out great.  I don’t have the head buffeting or side wind issues that I had with the OEM shield.  Really enjoying the ride.  My only regret is that I did not make the purchase sooner.  Very well-made product at a very reasonable price.

Review By: Steve – Lee’s Summit, MO

Overall, an outstanding product with service to match; highly recommended.

I had been in the market for a new windshield this season, to put on my 2019 H-D Street Glide. I’m very glad that I found Freedom Shields; as their product is precisely what I was looking for. Until now, my bike had a 7″ H-D Wind Splitter windshield installed, which I bought mainly due to its sleek appearance; however, it did not perform to expectations. Buffeting would become pronounced above 40 mph; while at freeway speeds it literally felt as though the wind was trying to pull my head up and off of my neck. I always wear a 3/4 open-face helmet, which in this situation made things worse, as my head was akin to a beach ball bouncing around. Needless to say, quite uncomfortable. Upon researching aftermarket windshield brands online, I learned about Freedom Shields. I decided to give it a try based on the multitude of positive reviews, generous exchange policy and the fact that any size windshield could be ordered (in contrast to the set sizing of H-D windshields). As stated above, this turned out to be a great decision. I received my 8″ dark tint shield, which looked like a quality piece right out of the box. Fit on the bike was also perfect; however, I am most impressed by just how well the Freedom Shields windshield alleviated the buffeting issue. It is no exaggeration to call it a night-and-day difference as compared to my previous setup. This windshield creates a “pocket” of calm airspace behind it. It is not a vacuum per se; there is naturally some air movement, but the head-tossing effect of the wind I had experienced prior is completely (and I mean completely) absent. Furthermore, I am able to hear the stereo much better than before. As for aesthetics, I think that this windshield looks great on the bike, particularly with the dark tint (which is my personal preference). The upward sloping “recurve” near the top is stylish and complements the more upright stance of the windshield. For reference, I am 6’1″ tall; and my bike has the Harley Hammock seat, which raises my seating position by an inch or so, as compared to the stock Street Glide seat. With this arrangement, the 8″ windshield is a perfect fit, the top edge being in line with my nose; as such I’m able to see well over it. Nonetheless, it is great to see a company like Freedom Shields that understands how one-size-fits-all is simply not applicable to certain things, motorcycle windshields being one example. I was comfortable ordering this product, with the knowledge that I could test it personally, on my own bike, and exchange if necessary. Even though this one is a keeper, I very much appreciate being afforded such peace of mind.  Overall, an outstanding product with service to match; highly recommended.

Review By: Andrew – West Bloomfield, MI 

Your product plays in another league

Let me deeply thanks you for the SUPERFAST shipping. I received 2 weeks before I was expecting. Great job. Another thing…..this windshield is BEAUTIFUL. No way to compare with the original one, really no way. Your product plays in another league, believe me. Ps: I will do my best to let Italian bikers know about your products and to buy from you.

Review By: Angelo – Italy

All the buffeting clears my helmet…

Just wanted to let you know the 10″ touring width shield works great! Can clearly see over the shield during normal highway riding. All the buffeting clears my helmet and can feel it hit the middle of my back which is perfect! I do quite a bit of the twisty’s and hills living near the Smoky’s in east TN. I like that there is no visual distortion when you are looking through the shield on the downward grades. The light gray tint is also perfect at night. The wider width is also nice on those colder days for us year-round riders. For reference I am 5’10”, 2020 Street Glide Special with a Saddleman seat. The seat has you sit a bit taller than standard HD seat. Your exchange policy is excellent since I did order the 8″ shield and that hit me square in my visor. The exchange process was easy and fast! Already have positive comments and have recommended it to many in my HOG club and fellow riders. Also, I recommend getting the BugSlide; makes cleaning the shield easier and hopefully preserves the life.

Review By: Michael – Knoxville, TN

Thanks for making a great product.

I purchased a 10″ medium tint for my 15″ Ultra Limited. Fit and finish is great. Shortly after installing my new shield, my dad, my brother and I embarked on a 3500-mile trip from North Dakota to the west coast and home again. Somewhere in Oregon I smoked a rather large vulture at 60mph, and windshield performed flawlessly, no cracks, no scratches, no nothing other than some vulture meat left behind on my windshield. Thanks for making a great product.

Review By: Jade – Bowman, ND

Your product is simply at another level of quality.

I just had to drop you a line on my purchase of an 8 inch Freedom Shield in the touring size. Everything went together well and took a test drive. Eight inch was right on as I look over it but as an added plus I can look right through it as there is absolutely NO distortion. I had a Klock Werks 8 1/2 inch shield that had terrible distortion. It was also not as thick as yours and wobbled at 70 plus where your shield is rock solid. I like the additional covers over the speakers as this stop wind at my hands and shoulders and it did improve the sound of the radio. I cannot get over the obvious quality difference from the Klock Werks shield and the Harley shield. Your product is simply at another level of quality. Good for you and your company for offering a high-quality product made in America.

Review By: Matt – Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you for a job well done.

I did have a chance to take out my 2017 Electra Glide and try out my new Freedom Shields windshield. It worked great and I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. It is the perfect height/width and just the right shade of tint. Love it! Your delivery was quick, and it was as easy to mount on my bike, same as my last Freedom Shield.

Review By: Randy – Hudsonville, MI

Will never lose a hat; bugs & rain are no issue.

Best add on yet for my 2015 FLHTK. Purchased the 9″ medium smoke / touring style for my bike. Worked with John to determine the right size. I was leaning toward the 8″ as I like the look of the smaller profile, but he recommended the 9″ for functionality. He was right. Although it’s on the bigger side, it’s smaller than the stock shield from Harley and does a far better job. Will never lose a hat; bugs & rain are no issue. I know some people were concerned about it’s added thickness when installing, I had no issue. Don’t need to upgrade my stereo or speakers now as buffering I had prior is gone.  Already turned one friend on to John and will do so again. Great product, highly recommended.  

Review By: Cullen – Algonquin, IL

Glasses never jiggled and could tell a big difference of the wind on my forearms.

I got my new windshield in today for my 2017 HD Street Glide, dark grey “Touring” model. Put it on with the plastic on it and took it for a rip down a local highway. My stock shield at highway speeds buffeted my head so bad at anything over 55 that I had to wear my shielded helmet. I took the bike to a bit, well quite a bit, more than the 70mph speed limit, passed a truck/trailer and 4 cars…… Glasses never jiggled and could tell a big difference of the wind on my forearms. Soon as I got back, plastic came off and windshield is permanently mounted. I will definitely be telling my friends to look at your products when in the market.

Review By: Deano – Tulsa, OK

My wife said she definitely noticed a difference as well.

Thank you for all your help! I installed the 9” dark smoke tint touring shield on my 2017 Ultra Limited. It looks great and functions as advertised. After a 220-mile trip this past weekend my wife said she definitely noticed a difference as well. Less wind and she was able to hear the radio better. I will send you some photos of that one after I get it cleaned up. Got caught in the rain and it’s full of bug guts.

Review By: Ron – Kiel, WI

Air around my melon was considerably less.

Awesome! I emailed John and he called me back. We discussed my needs and set up.  We agreed on an 8inch dark grey tint.  John was very helpful and knowledgeable.  He also was aware of my upcoming trip.  In the midst of the pandemic, he put a rush on it, and it arrived a week before my trip.  Install was simple.  Quality was top notch.  Tint was a perfect match to my bike. I immediately went for a ride and gave it a go at all speeds up to 85 mph.  After 20 minutes I pulled over and removed the protective film.  This was a keeper!  Windshield performed as advertised.  Air around my melon was considerably less.  I had the HD 10inch windsplitter, which was good.  But the Freedom Shield is better for me.  Definitely recommend.  Excellent experience all around! Communication A+ Service A+ Shipping A+ Quality A+ Product A+. 2019 CVO LIMITED

Review By: Jason – Manitoba, Canada

I’m happy to be one more satisfied Freedom Shield’s customer!

If you’re trying to figure out which company to purchase a windscreen for your bike you landed at the right place.  Just read or watch some (or all!) of all the rider reviews available. Freedom Shield has a great product, excellent service and support, and treats each customer like a VIP! I’m happy to be one more satisfied Freedom Shield’s customer!  Thanks John and Cory for all your help and going above and beyond for me and the biker community!

Review By: JT – Orange, CA

You definitely have made another HD rider very happy. 

Windshield has arrived, I got it out of customs finally and everything worked well. The quality is very good, it fits perfectly, the height is perfect (could probably even have gone an inch or two lower and it looks much better than the Harley Windshield…) I was at my Harley dealer today and they also agreed on the aforesaid….. Also, the wider touring option was the absolutely good decision…. When I have the sun in the back there is still some reflection from the chrome tank cover, but it is only in the lower half of the shield, so I can live with that, don’t wanna spent a couple of hundred bucks for a black cover…. Once again thanks for everything, you definitely have made another HD rider very happy. I also put on the side deflectors on the bottom today, as I realized the wind was no longer coming from the top it came from the bottom….. And now even at 80 miles an hour super👍👍👍 Spring is here now so the timing was also perfect.

Review By: Harry – Germany

Interstate riding is enjoyable, calm and comfortable.

I recently purchased one of your 12-inch touring windshields for my Electra Glide. I just wanted to let you know that it totally transformed the bike. I previously avoided the interstate whenever possible and kept my secondary road speed below 50 mph because of wind buffet. Totally gone now. Interstate riding is enjoyable, calm and comfortable. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping.  

Review By: Mike – Minden, IA (12″ Clear Touring Style)

It works very well and looks good.

Got the windshield on my bike as of yesterday. Just want to let you know that it works very well and looks good. Thank you very much for your help with this and you stay well. Thank you.

Review By: Brent – Manitoba, Canada

Don’t hesitate to get one!

OMG, what a difference!  It looks nice and fits in beautifully with the curvature of the batwing fairing.  I got the one with the extended sides and love the way it fits.  Even with the 3-pouch storage and the extra thickness of the Freedom Shield, the original screws are more than adequate. Wow, don’t hesitate to get one!  I’m 5′ 8″ and the 6 inch was perfect!

Review By: Mark – Cleveland, OH

I have to say that this is the best windshield I have ever had.

I received my touring windshield last week for my 2014 Ultra Limited. I have had most all popular brands on my bikes over the years, but this is my first Freedom. Just got back from a fall ride up here in Canada. We covered about a thousand miles, and I have to say that this is the best windshield I have ever had. Very little buffeting at 70 + mph and the wind noise is substantially reduced. I know it is cliche, but I can actually hear the tunes much clearer! John was instrumental in helping me pick the right size windshield and installation took 5 minutes. Great company to deal with.

Review By: Peter – Ontario, Canada (11″ Medium Grey Touring Style)

Awesome fit and finish.

Thank you for a Great Product. Finally got out on my new standard. Love the windshield. Awesome fit and finish.  Performs flawlessly. Thank you for a great American made product.

Review By: Chris – West Point, VA

It’s not often I can ride in the month of December around Chicago, but it was great!

My neighbor showed me the installed 10” Windshield from Freedom, knowing I have looked for a replacement for my 2014 Ultra Limited. I read other testimonials from site, positives and mistakes, my daughter assisted me with a yard stick and laser level. After speaking with John, and breaking down reduced reach seat and my inseam, we calculated the 7” would suit my site line. After ‘many’ miles of looking over, under and through I replaced the stock 10” in shield with the light tint 7” touring style. I’ll be honest! After installing, I was worried the shield was still too tall, BUT! Once I rode for a few miles, I immediately returned home, removed film, reinstalled and away we go. Once I got comfortable on long road, my sight line was extended, wind flow over my helmet, and around my arms, thanks to the extended touring wings on windshield. I was impressed with not only how rigid the shield holds up at increased speeds (especially passing semi’s) but the improved sound wave as the sound system was originally meant. It’s not often I can ride in the month of December around Chicago, but it was great! My only regret is not finding Freedom shield sooner, which would have made the summer more enjoyable through this Pandemic. I once heard a saying: There’s more time than life! And I look forward to spring.  Don’t be afraid of customizing size, (height) good luck and measure twice! Thank you, John. Great product!

Review By: Ray – Warrenville, IL (7″ Light Grey Touring Style)

There are several ways this windshield was better…

Just tried out the new windshield. So I got it because of the wind with my wife being on the back seat. We put on the new one and got up to 60mph. Then put back on the old one and went about 5 miles again to see the difference. There are several ways this windshield was better: * She noticed the wind was less than the stock windshield. * We talk on Com units. I noticed there was no wind noise from her mic. With the stock there was constant wind noise. * The front end stays planted. The bike just stays straight. Not that it was an issue before. I just noticed the difference and I liked the way it changed up the handling. * And another noticeable difference was the sound. Wow. It holds in the music from the 4 speakers much better. Loved that part. * I tried other aftermarket windshields and found it distorted my view. This does not at all. 2017 FLHTKL. 

Review By: Eric – Graham, WA

What are you waiting for? Just get one!

Remarkable. That’s it. I was really skeptical especially since I ordered the same size as original equipment. The difference was remarkable! The wife is happy. I’m happy. The shield itself is thicker and NO distortion. Looks great. Fits great. What are you waiting for? Just get one! Amazing.

Review By: Tyler – Elizabethton, TN (10″ Clear Touring Style)

Love the windshield. I think you guys did a great job.

I got the windshield. Did a small charity run yesterday, only about 50 miles, love the windshield. I think you guys did a great job and thank you for getting it to me. I’m thinking I may order another one, going on a long ride this week going to try to get used to the windshield I think it’s a little tall for me but that’s OK I appreciate your effort to get it to me, at the charity event it was rolling thunder New Jersey chapter a lot of guys liked the windshield I gave them your website info. I think the 7 inch was just a little tall I was thinking of ordering the 5 inch or the 6 inch. I may get used to it on the longer ride this week and it may be fine I just found myself looking at the top of the windshield too much.

Review By: Chris – Kenilworth, NJ

Thanks for the great product, my only regret is that I didn’t find you years ago.

Had the first chance to really try out the new 11” touring windshield yesterday on a pretty decent ride. I couldn’t be happier with it! At slower speeds by back seater (wife) is not getting thrown around as she was before! The biggest noted difference though is the reduction of turbulence following or passing a tractor trailer rig, either riding behind or passing the new windshield stabilizes the bike really well. Got up in the rear and the front of a rig yesterday doing about 70 MPH and couldn’t believe the difference. Really happy I found you guys! And the switch to a shorter windshield helped as well. Will do my best to share the kudos for your product with all my riding buddies! Thanks for the great product, my only regret is that I didn’t find you years ago.  Thanks.

Review By: Steve – Hendersonville, NC (11″ Medium Grey Touring Style)

I love it!

Received my windshield today. I just wanted to tell you I love it! It’s the right size, the right tint. I wanted to thank you again for taking the time with me getting the right windshield.  I will definitely do a lot talking promoting Freedom Windshields.

Review By: Ed – Chesterton, IN

This shield was everything advertised.

This shield was everything advertised. After a night ride along the river, I got home to find it coated with bugs but not a single one on my helmet! Was a little hesitant about getting the touring width, but glad I did. It looks great and the added protection is definitely a bonus. Thanks John!

Review By: TJ – Madison, FL

I wish I would have found you sooner.

I’ve been trying different windshields for a couple years now. I wish I would have found you sooner. I went with the touring size, and it works great!! The dark tint looks great, and I can still see through it at night (if I need to look straight down). Thanks for a great product!

Review By: Wayne – Puyallup, WA

I have had great experience riding behind one of your shields that my husband purchased for his electric glide (going on 3 years now).

Please let everyone know within the process of manufacturing; I love your product the best from all the others that was witnessed in my travels.  I have had great experience riding behind one of your shields that my husband purchased for his electric glide (going on 3 years now).   It still has no scratches, dings, or cracks while providing awesome coverage and protection.  Many of our riding group use your product and love it too.  My husband and I are members of a riding club and non-profit organization called Roaddocs.  Roaddocs is filled with many (retired or active) EMS personal, doctors, nurses, and anyone in healthcare with a valid CPR card, who enjoys riding while helping many in their surrounding communities or club chapters.  So, if your windshield can stand up against my wild and crazy husband’s driving (from 20 years driving an ambulance at high rate of speeds); you have one hell of a product!  He forgets at times; he is not on the ambulance and believe me when I say…”he has put your product to some unimaginable limits and it’s unscathed perils are the ultimate goals any company works hard to achieve.”  Just be very proud and honored to know your company achieved its goals and, in my eyes, “hands down are the best and safest motorcycle windshield manufacturer ever!”  I would like to take this time to show my gratitude to each of you.   Thank you to each of you that take part in the process of providing such a safe product to many motorcyclists.  We do appreciate your workmanship, all your hard work, and working together towards one goal; providing such a durable product that will provide many riders a greater opportunity to return home to their families.  Always remember, not one person creates your excellent product.  It takes a team of individuals working together to unveil a precise, masterpiece as witnessed from your windshield’s end product on my husband’s bike all these years.  Keep working together proudly knowing; “your product keeps many upright and safe daily on two or three wheels”! 

Review By: Tina – Myrtle Beach, SC

I have never been happier with an aftermarket purchase for my bike.

I can now personally attest that all of these reviews are true! With my touring model Freedom Shield, I get the best of both worlds in terms of visibility and wind protection. I have never been happier with an aftermarket purchase for my bike, and I only wish I had done it years sooner!

Review By: Zack – Japan

I know that shield took a hit and it didn’t damage it at all.

We just got back from a 2600-mile ride from Texas to South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. As usual, I love the shield and it performed excellent. I wanted you to know that I hit a Vulture about 70mph while in Wyoming. My wife was behind me (on her own bike) and said it had about a 4-foot wingspan. My guess was it was about 10lbs the way it sounded.  The impact was on the right front fairing and windshield with about equal distribution to both. It actually pulled the shield up and out about an inch but there were no other marks or anything after I washed it.  I know that shield took a hit and it didn’t damage it at all. Just wanted you to know that you have an awesome product.  If that buzzard had broken through, it probably would have taken me off the bike. I simply braced for impact, looked in the mirror afterwards to make sure my wife got around it and we kept on moving.  Kind of wish I had gone back for a feather now.

Review By: David – Burkburnett, TX

I absolutely love my windshield!!

I absolutely love my windshield!! I’m 6’3” and ride 2016 Ultra Limited, stock seat. I first ordered the 13 inch, Dark Tint, touring windshield and test rode and it was just too tall for me. After speaking with John and Lisa, we decided that the 11” inch would be better for me. I was able to swap out for new windshield and it is perfect! Wind goes over my helmet, my glasses don’t bounce on my face at higher speeds (I went over 90 MPH) and much quieter to hear stereo! The craftsmanship of this windshield is the best! Love that it is thicker than the HD windshield. I have the HD windshield bags on as well and didn’t have to change the three windshield bolts. A friend had recommended Freedom Shields to me and as everyone knows, you have a ton of windshields to choose from on the market. I did a ton of research for myself. I read a lot of reviews and watched as many videos. You will not regret choosing Freedom Shields! This windshield performs as advertised and you cannot beat the quality and customer service! Thank you very much for the best windshield! 100 percent satisfied customer!

Review By: Mike – Fayetteville, NC

Wow! I am impressed.

I mounted the windshield the same day and even in the plastic, it looked good on the bike. I took it for the test ride and the size works well for me, but today I finally had time to unwrap it and take it out on the road. My wife and I set out on our Harley Ultra Classic Limited on a nice loop that takes us along the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway, through the mountains on a smoothly curving canyon road and then onto Highway 101 back home. Wow! I am impressed. We have headsets so we were talking about the differences along the way. Within the first couple of miles, we noticed the lack of wind noise and head buffering. Smooth and quiet! Music to my ears, literally. My playlist was clearly audible at a lower volume. There are a lot of higher speed (50-55 mph) sweeping curves along the way and I couldn’t believe how much better the bike handled. The bike had a better feel on the open highway as well. It felt more solid and more connected to the road. I can’t wait for our road trip next week along the California coast. Pros: quality product fit and finish, decreased head buffeting, quieter rider experience, better bike handling. Cons: I should have purchased this much sooner.

Review By: Robert – Camarillo, CA

This company rocks! You will be impressed.

Ok, I’m not one to write a lot of reviews….I feel compelled to at this point. I read each review about the Freedom Shield and decided to try one for myself. I went from the stock Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic 10“ to an 8” Freedom Shield “clear” after reading the reviews, and after hearing that it sends the air 2”-3” higher.  In theory I was keeping everything somewhat status quo. I didn’t mind the stock setup. I was skeptical….. I also was skeptical about being able to hear the music better.  Really?  Come on? I must say without a doubt that these things are true.  Even the music seemed to have more fidelity. Wow!  Totally impressed. The thickness is quite substantial. Great product!  I will probably get another dark one for the style points alone. Just do it!  Quit reading. This company rocks! You will be impressed. 

Review By: Jeremey – Plymouth, IN

You want the best? Go with this group of individuals, you are not going to be disappointed.

I rarely do product reviews but these folks at Freedom Shields have a next level type of service that needs to be acknowledged. First: Made in the USA 👍 Second: production quality is excellent, fit and finish are perfect the and the details reflect a top shelf QA process. Third: the protective layer of plastic actually peels right off and leaves a clear clean shield! Usually, these things become more difficult to remove than money from my wallet, not in this case, obviously they properly store and maintain their raw stock, which is rare these days, good job guys. Fourth: The unit is rock solid, these are not flimsy cheap plastic, the additional thickness and correct mounting points allow this thing to slide right into position, tighten up, and not vibrate at all, no movement at any speed, the tint is perfect, and the clarity is stellar. Down the road performance is exactly as stated, wind deflection on the 5” is like having an 8” without the obstruction factor and it blends right into the lines of the faring, this thing looks great!  Fifth: Customer Service. Ordering on the site is a breeze, choices are clearly defined and represented, click, click, done. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes so there was some confusion, strictly on my part about shipping lead time, one email to Cory, which was answered immediately, and boom, dude had the thing expedited, no excuses, just service. These guys made a customer for life with that effort, and I really can’t thank them enough. In short, Freedom Shields….you want the best? Go with this group of individuals, you are not going to be disappointed. 

Review By: Aaron – Las Vegas, NV

I would highly recommend these shields.

I just purchased my first Harley this year, a 2014 Street Glide Special that still had the stock blade windscreen on it, as I like to ride with a Half Helmet and a pair of Sun Glasses I knew I needed more wind protection. My first purchase was an 8” Klock Werks Windscreen, am improvement but I was disappointed with the head buffeting at 65+ miles per hour, in my opinion the way the sides are cut funnels the wind right at your head at speed. A friend of mine had put an 8” Freedom Shield on his 2018 Street Glide and was very happy with it and me being shorter than him I thought I may be able to get away with the 7” so I ordered one. When it came, I mounted her up and took it for a test drive and it was apparent that I did indeed need the 8”, so I called up John at Freedom and he got my 8” coming and arranged for the return of the 7”. I have now put a few hundred miles on my bike with the new shield and am very pleased with the protection, even at 75 mph on the freeway it has great protection and it is very easy to see through if needed unlike the Klock Werks that was distorted. I would highly recommend these shields, great quality and Customer Service that you just don’t find anymore! Thanks John.

Review By: Jack – Yakima, WA

Awesome product!

I received your windshield and knew right off the bat it was perfect! Popped it on and took off! Thanks again. Awesome product!

Review By: Greg – Seymour, WI

Couldn’t have made a better choice.

It’s been about 1 month and almost 1,000 miles and I can say your windshield has lived up to the claims. I read almost every review before purchase which is what made me choose your product. Couldn’t have made a better choice. The 8 inch shield I went to from a factory 6 inch is night and day different. No more wind buffeting or blowing around my glasses or my passengers. The wider touring width is also a plus, reducing the wind noise on long rides makes it more enjoyable to put the miles on. Pushes the rain and bugs up and away. Performs well in all weather conditions I’ve encountered so far. Great fit and finish as well. The polished edge is a nice touch compared to the dull HD one. Overall, a great shield I will and have recommended to fellow riders. Thank you also for the great communication before the sale. Keep up the good work!

Review By: Caleb – Indiana, PA

Best everyday shield ever.

Best everyday shield ever. I have ridden a couple of thousand Km’s around Queensland, Australia since purchasing this shield.  It has replaced all my previous shields and I no longer swap them out for urban or long-distance riding. Unlike the various ‘wind cutter/splitter’ types I have used previously; this shield has no distortion of view and achieves all its claims about turbulence. I use the 6″ Mid-grey tint on my 2015 FLHX-S.  No installation issues, easy to use, and clean. Get one.

Review By: Longers – Queensland, Australia

The best upgrade to my bike yet!!!

The best upgrade to my bike yet!!! I recently read about Freedom Shields on a forum, and decided to give them a try.  Based on my height (5’11”), inseam (32”), and being comfortable with my stock shield height; John suggested I try a 9” shield on my 2018 Ultra Limited.  I ordered the touring width with a dark grey tint. When I first opened the box and saw how well this shield was built, I told my wife that I didn’t care if I had to look around the shield; I want this shield on my bike!  The thickness, the finished edges and the clarity were excellent! I decided to leave the protective coating on and go for a quick test ride.  I only drove to the end of my street (about ¼ mile) and I knew this was the shield for me!  I turned around at the stop sign and came home to remove the protective film.  The bike rides and handles great with this shield.  At high speeds on the interstate, it feels like the front of the bike is more planted.  Also, the stereo doesn’t have to be turned up because there isn’t as much wind noise.

Review By: Mike – Durham, NC

BEST WINDSHIELD I have ever had on a Harley.

I wanted to say thank-you again for a Beautiful Freedom Windshield. Please see attached pictures of my 05 FLHTCI with your Freedom Shield. I must say I have been riding since 1965 & this is by far the BEST WINDSHIELD I have ever had on a Harley. Thanks Again & please keep up your great work and customer service.

Review By: Pete – Spring Hill, FL

Turning my Street Glide into a sweet ride

After purchasing a Street Glide, it only took a few miles to realize that I could not live with the stock windshield and that it needed to be replaced with something taller.   At the Harley dealer, I tried the 10” light smoke Wind Splitter demo shield. It did a good job with air deflection.  But even though I was looking over the windshield, my peripheral vision was seeing a lot of distortion, especially with the highway lines.  It was a deal breaker for me. After doing much research and reading windshield recommendations on several forums, I ordered the light gray 8” recurve Freedom Shield.  In just a few days the windshield arrived.  I was immediately impressed with its quality and installation was simple.  It didn’t take long to realize this was a keeper.  The design of the windshield sends the air over my head, eliminating the head buffeting that I had experienced with the stock shield.  And unlike the Wind Splitter, this windshield has virtually no distortion.  To control the air coming up from around the tank, I installed a set of HD fork-mount wind deflectors.  Installing the Freedom Shield and the wind deflectors has turned my Street Glide into a sweet ride.  I highly recommend Freedom Shields.

Review By: Danny – Shelby, NC

The quality is unmatched by anyone.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my windshield (wide touring light tint 10″) yesterday. I must say that the fit and finish of this shield is impeccable. The quality is unmatched by anyone. I would know, I’ve tried them all. Put close to 100 miles on yesterday. Looking over the shield I can see clearly down the road with no buffering at all. Looking through the shield there is no distortion. Needless to say, the protective plastic was taken off immediately upon my return home. Thanks again for a fantastic product and all of your (and the staff) help. Your customer service concerning my questions and responding to my emails is greatly appreciated. That’s something that you don’t see much of these days. Keep up the good work and fantastic product.

Review By: Ron – McCaysville, GA

Holy Cow Batman

I received my windshield for my 2018 Tri-Glide, I went with a 11″ touring width in clear, and all I can say is Holy Cow my bike feels like I can ride it for days on end now. No more buffeting, I can hear my stereo and my head is no longer getting sucked off my shoulders by my helmet. My batwing fairing now feels like I always thought it should. Thank you for a great product.

Review By: Henry – Great Neck, NY

Great looking, seriously functional, affordable, beautiful piece of Art

I’m a very satisfied customer as of this past 2021 summer. I’ve had a chance to clock hundreds of miles on my brand-new windscreen for my 2013 Ultra Limited. Hands down I love it. You guys made an otherwise typical stock windscreen into a great looking, seriously functional, affordable beautiful piece of Art. I’m impressed with the detail of the rolled and polished edges, flared bottom around my speakers, extra overall width for wider view and clarity, the top flared outward deflecting some wind, touch of thickness for durability, perfect amount of light smoke tint I was “fingers crossed” expecting. I think it was John who told me on the phone the height would be taller than my stock but it’s absolutely perfect for my taste. The ease of installing and fit was spot on. I put on a chrome strip across the screws – man that did it, I thought I had a new bike. It looked so great.  If I sound really excited about my choice of words it’s because I am. I generally am not one to review hardly anything even when I like it, but in this instance, I had to tell you – I could not be happier that I found your company over the one my local Harley-Davidson dealership was wanting me to use from their in- store Catalog.

Review By: Dave – Fishers, IN (12″ Light Grey Touring Style)

I will be a lifelong customer.

I added a new seat to my 2019 Limited Low and because of the seat I needed a taller windshield. I had a 9 day Arkansas trip planned and wanted the new windshield for the trip. Two weeks before the trip UPS said the windshield was delivered but there was no windshield to be found. I called John and the team at Freedom shield and explained the situation and without hesitation they immediately rushed me a new windshield and told me we could deal with the missing windshield after I returned from my trip. I was able to enjoy my Arkansas trip with my new windshield which by the way exceeded my expectations but even more impressive was the awesome customer service. John and the team cared more about making sure I had my windshield in time for my trip than they did about the missing windshield. The only thing better than a great product is great customer service and John’s team exceeded expectations in both areas. Thank you John for making sure I had an awesome trip because of your great product and impressive customer service I will be a lifelong customer.

Review By: Lee – Sioux Falls, SD

Absolutely phenomenal!

I’ve been riding my entire life. Million plus miles and counting. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of the world go by through the windshield of many a motorcycle. BMW’s(mostly), Honda’s, Triumphs, you name it and I may have had it. Hi, my name is Roger and I’m a motorcycle enthusiast! In the 300 miles I rode yesterday as a test your shield was flawless. I love it. No buffeting, I can see over it and I can ride with the face shield up at let’s say “go to jail” speeds and leave it at that. As a technical kind of guy, I’d like to know what sorcery you use to maintain optical clarity where the “flip” starts. Absolutely phenomenal! It’s really wonderful seeing a company with a great product that gets customer service. Thanks again! You have a convert and I’ll send all my friends your way.

Review By: Roger – Buckeye, AZ (7″ Clear Touring Style)

I love it !

Got my 7″ Medium tint John and I love it ! Its perfect for day and/or night riding in my opinion , never thought anything would be better than my 8″ dark Freedom w/s but it is !
Review By: Mario – TX

The quality of the Freedom Shield is excellent.

Went on a 150 mile trip today and the shield was fantastic. I looked over the shield without the wind tearing my shades off or bugs attacking me. For the last 2 years, I have been behind ( looking thur) a stock Ultra Classic 12″ shield and thought I was comfortable. The freedom of looking over is a lot better than looking thru. Again, the quality of the Freedom Shield is excellent. Simply, it looks good! I had a hard time deciding which shield to purchase – I picked the right one. Thanks again.
Review By: Glenn – Opelika, AL

Very pleased with the shield and the over all quality.

Just received the Freedom Shield and put it on the bike. I went for a short ride around town, I was able to get it up to about 60 mph a couple of times. My glasses don’t bounce like they did. I could have gone higher than 7in., but I don’t want to take away too much of the Street Glide look. Very pleased with the shield and the over all quality. I will be passing your name around. Thanks again, Michael
Review By: Michael – Cincinnati, OH

The difference between the old windshield and this one is amazing.

I was able to install my windshield Saturday morning and went for a ride. I only got about three miles from home and returned immediately. I uninstalled the windshield and ripped off the covering and reinstalled it and went riding for the next three hours. The difference between the old windshield and this one is amazing. The air flow is so much different that I get no head buffeting and virtually no air around my ears as I did before. I am very satisfied. Thanks, David
Review By: David – Greenville, OH

Impressed by its form and clarity.

Thanks for following up on the windshield. I replaced my 12-inch shield with your 9-inch shield and gave it a test run today. I’m very pleased with it. After riding 100 miles, it was spattered with scores of bugs while my helmet remained bug-free. I’m also impressed by its form and clarity. It’s a very attractive upgrade for my bike! Thanks again, Wayne
Review By: Wayne – Lusby, MD

I did some comparison rides.

I got off work a little earlier today so I did some comparison rides. Took the 10″ Clearview off my 05 and tried it against your 8″. Wind around the rider is almost exactly the same. I was worried it might be too short but the curve on yours is more pronounced than the Clearview. Thanks Mike
Review By: Mike – Spotsylvania, VA

Quality is second to none.

I ordered the 7 inch dark Grey and had concerns about going from the stock shield to the 7 inch and the look of the bike. Even though I did not have any issues with the order, Freedom Shields customer service contacted me to ensure the shield met my needs and it did. The shields quality is second to none and the fact you can test it before keeping it due to the protective film is a very nice feature. It did cut down in the buffeting to give you a more comfortable ride. I am 5‘10” and would recommend the shield.
Review By: Dave – Raleigh, NC

I will be recommending your shields to all my riding friends.

Thanks for the followup. That’s great customer service. I got the shield and it is awesome. I’ve purchased a bunch of shields in my day and the Freedom Shield is by far the best I’ve ever purchased. The quality, and the price are unbeatable. It is a really beautiful piece of art. I’m going to send you an email and a pic from the trip that I’m about to take to Biketoberfest in Daytona next week. I will be recommending your shields to all my riding friends. Harley should contract with you to put shields on all their bikes. Yours are better than the factory ones. Thanks for a great product! Anthony
Review By: Anthony – Rock Hill, SC

The fit and finish are as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Finally got home from my trip. Gave the 8 inch windshield a thorough evaluation, and I’m very satisfied with it. I can look over it, even in the long ride “slouch”. No wind, at speeds up to and beyond 90 MPH. My wife says she can hear the radio now! And the fit and finish are as close to perfect as humanly possible. Thank you for a great job. I love the windshield, and it improves the quality of my ride significantly. It even makes it look better! Regards, John
Review By: John – Eaton, NY

The review score is a 5 star +!

Hi John, impressive message of follow up to come home to. Just got back and had an awesome trip! First, I need to compliment you on the extremely enjoyable conversation while ordering the windshield. Would be good friends if we lived close I’m thinking. Next I need to compliment you on receiving the shield so quickly. It fit great, and made a huge difference without any wind buffeting, or noise. The wife commented on how much difference it made in diverting the wind up and over her! There’s some brownie points for ya’!!! All in all, I love it. The light Grey is awesome, and thanks again for suggesting that. So I guess the review score is a 5 star +! The follow up is just the icing on the cake! Again thanks, and I’ll definitely be referring you to everyone I know. Hope you have an adjustable hat band on your cap, but you deserve it! LOL! Again thanks, John and hope to be able to stop in sometime on our next trip West. Thanks, Dennis
Review By: Dennis – Ellsworth, KS

I especially like the extra thickness as compared to the stock windshield.

Thanks very much for following up. In my experience, proactive customer service is lacking in today’s business environment and you taking the time to drop me an e-mail means a lot. I am very happy with the windshield. It is very nice quality. I especially like the extra thickness as compared to the stock windshield. The light smoke and flip design is just what I wanted and I will highly recommend your windshields to other Harley riders. Thanks again for the great customer service. Sincerely, John
Review By: John – Kechi, KS

I do not like my windshield; I love it.

I do not like my windshield; I love it. It is the best thing I’ve done for my 2006 Harley Ultra Classic Screamin’ Eagle since putting on louder pipes (true-dual BUB 7s with Reinhardt mufflers)! I can see over the windshield and the air goes over my head . . . it is great . . . can’t wait for it to rain!!! Regards, Steve
Review By: Steve – Omaha, NE

It’s one of those purchases you’re glad you spend the bucks on.

I installed the windshield over the weekend and took the bike for a little spin, woooow, how sweet it is to see! The shield was exactly what I hoped for, very clear, thick so that it did not flex and distort going down the road and it seems to deflect the wind every bit as much as the older (and 2″ taller) windshield. It’s one of those purchases you’re glad you spend the bucks on, after the fact. Thanks John!
Review By: Dave – Idaho Falls, ID

Thanks for a good product at a reasonable price!

I received the shield last week…fast service… Thanks. Installed it with the plastic for a test ride. After a few miles I came home and removed the plastic, nice looking shield. I can look over it to a spot about 40 ft. in front of me, just right! My previous shield was a Cee Bailey. It worked pretty well, but because of the shape it would flutter at times causing some buffeting around my helmet. Also, it was too in your face being closer to me. Your shield cured those two problems while giving about the same protection, I like it!! Thanks for a good product at a reasonable price!
Review By: Mike – Pensacola, FL

I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Got my new 8″ clear shield and have had a good 100 mile ride with it. Looks great, fits great and rides great. You make a far superior shield than the stock one I replaced. The thicker shield and polished edge make it so much better than the stock. I had the 12″ stock and the 8″ moves as much air around me and I am able to see over it. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you, Chad
Review By: Chad – Mundelein, IL

Review from Denmark

The shield works perfectly! I was very skeptic that this little extra curve on the windshield would make a difference, but it sure did! Especially when driving behind a car in “dirty air” with a lot of turbulence, then I did not get this hammering on my helmet. This meant I did not become so tired and could ride a lot longer! I can recommend this shield very much. And thanks for a very fast delivery time and good service.
Review By: Ojvind – Denmark

The workmanship is precise and the finish is superb!

I am very satisfied with my Freedom Shields windshield. The workmanship is precise and the finish is superb! It functioned as advertised, especially on our 2000 mile trip from Maine to Ohio this summer. I may try an 8″ version down the road. Thank you for a fantastic product. Sincerely, John
Review By: John – Monmouth, ME

It looks great and functions as good as it looks.

The shield arrived and I have it mounted. Attached is a pic of it on my 2010 Ultra Limited. It looks great and functions as good as it looks. I have been test riding it a bit and it seems to perform as well or better than my stock height shield and the height is right. Thank you, Tracy
Review By: Tracy – Hopewell, IL

Makes the riding experience even better…

I live in central Wisconsin and I have a 2009 Electra Glide Ultra Classic and received my AirCurve shield a week or so ago. I am 5’10”-5’11” and have the standard seat on my bike but both I and my wife also use the Roho Airhawk Medium Cruiser seat cushion. I could not decide between the 9″ or 10″ so I chose to have my original HD shield cut down to 9″ by a glass company that I do biz with and they polished the edges etc. The result was great visibility over the shield but it buffeted and bounced our helmets (1/2 helmets with visor) and sunglasses so bad it was hard to ride. Based on that result I chose a 10″ light Grey and we rode with friends this past weekend putting on 500 miles–it works great, not just good, but great! I can see clearly over the shield and have almost no wind buffeting, it is a great addition and makes the ride far better. The shield really pushes the air over the top and even pushed bugs away which makes the riding experience even better. The thicker material eliminates vibration, the materials are clear, polished edges, just a high quality product. I would highly recommend this shield to any rider…bottom line, it works.
Review By: Rick – Mosinee, WI

I absolutely love it!

I received the windshield today and I absolutely love it. You helping me choose the right one was defiantly the right decision for me. I put it on took it for a test ride down a long back road and I could not feel the wind in my face at normal driving speeds and for me that is like 78 or so…. same as I do on the highway. I could feel the wind going over my head by about two fingers so any smaller and it would have not worked any larger and it would be right in my eyesight. Thank you for all the help. The timely manner of your shipping was great and I received it in good condition, the box was beat up so I was worried then I got it out and it was perfect thanks again, I love it and I will tell everyone about your company.
Review By: William – Raeford, NC

Over all I am more than pleased with the Freedom Shields product.

Hi John! I received the shield on Friday July 1, fit perfect and the 6″ looks great on the bike. I did a 300 mile run on Saturday and a 200 mile run on Monday. The shield eliminated 80-90% of the total buffeting I experience on the Street Glide. I found the other 10-20% is coming from the lower sides of the fairing. My local dealer has a set of lower adjustable defectors coming in this week for me to try. Over all I am more than pleased with the Freedom Shields product, not only is the quality great, but it looks good and most important, it works! John, thank you for the wonderful service and advise. Hi John, just a little update, I finally got the adjustable hd fairing deflectors to go along with 6″ Freedom Shields. All Street Glide buffeting issues are now a thing of the past!
Review By: Rick – Lynwood, WA

The fit and quality far exceed what HD puts on these bikes.

I am very happy with this product to say the least. The customer service, packaging (always a concern), quality, and price are outstanding. I have always had shields I looked through, rather than over, and must say that this shield works well in either situation. Even though it is 2″ shorter than the stock shield, I can easily look over or through, depending on weather, etc. I commute over 100 miles a day in all types of weather, from March until Thanksgiving, which here in Indiana can include a variety of conditions, so I did a lot of research before choosing your product. The fit and quality far exceed what HD puts on these bikes. Thank you for an excellent product!
Review By: Dwayne – Elwood, IN

I just had the most relaxing hour and a half ride I have probably ever had!!

Ok finally took it for a test ride… WOW… love it! I live 45 miles from work and rode it to work last night and then home this morning. It was everything I expected it to be after reading some of the reviews your previous customers posted. All I know is that thanks to the combination of new bars, new (Freedom Shields) windshield, great weather, and the fact that I had just gotten off work, I just had the most relaxing hour and a half ride I have probably ever had!!
Review By: Timothy – Salem, IL

This shield is my new “long distance” shield…

Hi John! Well, I returned home and had a chance to try out my new Freedom Shield! First, let me compliment you on the great customer service. The shield arrived promptly, and it was packaged perfectly…well protected. My first impression before installing the shield was how optically clear the shield was, even at the edges. Nothing like distortion to distract a rider or obstruct visibility…but that won’t be an issue with this shield. The shield fit perfectly, although a bit thicker than the OEM shield. Riding impression: The shield performed as advertised! Buffeting was minimal, and I could see over the upper edge without trying to do my giraffe impression. This shield is my new “long distance” shield…I may have to order one an inch or two shorter for those around-town excursions. Thanks for making a wonderful product that performs as advertised! There is so much misinformation out there and product hyperbole that it’s refreshing to actually use a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do! Kudos to you and your company, including your personal interest in the customer. I wish you the greatest success, and I’ll tell everyone I know about your fantastic product! Until I order again… Best Regards, Brian
Review By: Brian – Tampa, FL

The AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit.

I recently ordered a 9” windshield for my 2008 Ultra. I was hesitant about getting into a shorter than stock shield because, I tend to get caught out in the rain on occasion. Ok, all the time…. I choose the Freedom Shield 9” AirCurve, Light Grey Tint. The online ordering process was a snap, and immediate follow up from John at Freedom was received. Hands on communication….A novel concept these days. About 7 days later I received my AirCurve, nicely packed with protective film. Here’s a good one…DON’T TAKE THE FILM OFF, install it and take her for a ride! If you don’t like it, send it back, with the film still on. Come on, this aint the 60’s, I’m not used to this kind of support! Installation was a snap, and fitment was exact. The first thing you notice is the AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit, and the edge is finely polished. Superb attention is given to this detail. The other item that caught my attention is the thickness and profile of the AirCurve forces the dash mounted bags away from the windshield. I don’t know if they planned it this way, but it TOTALLY eliminated that annoying rattle that is common with the Harley windshield mount bags at an idle. The bags stand off the windshield about ¼ inch, and that’s a beautiful thing. (By eliminating this noise, you can actually hear if a part falls off your Harley..LOL) ROAD TEST I had business in Navasota, TX about 40 miles from the casa, so I figured a good 80-100 mile road trip on a 100 degree day would be the acid test. Not a cloud in sight, I took off down HWY 105 west from Montgomery, TX, a 60-70 mph 2 lane. Buffeting was minimal at best, and comparable to the stock shield, but in a different way, can’t really explain, but it felt different. I pulled a Lucky Strike out of my vest and pushed in the lighter (The ol cigarette test I was thinking) and I figured it out. I was no longer getting the back draft! Reaching up I could begin to feel the slipstream about 6 inches over the top of the screen, perfect for a 6’ rider. Another thing I noticed was the “fairing sail” was really reduced. This is the movement you get out of the front end in dirty/turbulent air, like when you are behind a semi at speed. Trucks passing me head on at 70mph had dramatically less effect on stability. It’s like a whole different bike. Of course, on the way back, after not having rained for 60 days, the Rainman got dumped on coming home (Go figure…) As long as you stay at speeds over 30mph, the 9” AirCurve is equal or better than the taller stock screen. Below 30, you just plain get wet like any other windshield. In keeping with the Rainman’s requirements, the new AirCurve did not melt in the rain, and neither did the rest of the Harley. Get wet and ride it! In summary, if you’re looking for some new glass for the Harley, give John a shout at Freedom Shield. The pricing is a little higher than the mass produced brands, less than HD and half of the “space shields”. I’d bet no matter what your situation is, he’ll be able to fix you up and you can’t beat the service and the “online” handshake.
Review By: Todd – Montgomery, TX

I can’t believe the windshield could have that much effect on the ride.

I finally took my bike out last night for a 80 mile round trip to and from work, all highway miles. I thought I was on a different bike!!!! What a difference!! It used to be when I passed a semi tractor- trailer I had a white knuckle grip on the bars because the bike was getting tossed around so much. Last night I passed them with only one hand on the handlebar. It seems to be an all around smoother ride. I can’t believe the windshield could have that much effect on the ride. Even though the new shield is shorter than my old one, and I’m looking over it, there is no wind in my eyes. I wear glasses and my eyes used to get full of tears from the wind. I had the face shield on my helmet up all the way to work with no problem at all. I am definitely going to keep this windshield!!!! I already told 4 guys at work about it. Hope you get some business from them. Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price.
Review By: John – Shorewood, IL

It works better than advertised!

Hi John, I received the shield last week and all I can say is that I rode this weekend with it on my ultra and it is fantastic! Hard to believe that the 9″ is far superior in wind protection than the stock 12″ was. I rode in some heavy winds and it works better than advertised. Even my wife commented from the back that she had better protection and it there is not as much wind noise as with the stock shield. You have a fantastic product that I will be telling everybody about!
Review By: Brett – Saskatchewan, Canada

The best shield I have had to date!

I received the 8″ dark tint windshield and have it installed and have rode with it about 25 miles so far. I like the shield. And you have the best shield I have had to date on all the bikes I have owned since 1964.
Review By: John – Bradenton, FL

Half of the price of the Harley product and it performs so much better.

I bought a Harley-Davidson Street Glide in March of 2011. The Street Glide comes with the short (3 ½ inch windshield).That windshield was awful and provided no protection at all against the wind in Texas. I tried the next larger size Harley windshield (7 inch) however it didn’t work either. The next larger size (10 inch) performed abysmally as well. I think that is because the Harley windshields are so much thinner and they are not shaped to redirect the wind as much as the Freedom Shields. Harley-Davidson windshields directed the wind to my face and helmet. I was not able to ride the bike over about 30 miles an hour due to the terrible buffeting of the wind. I was concerned that I would not be able to ride the bike at all due to the wind. I was actually considering the fact that I might have to sell the bike because I couldn’t ride it. I ordered the Freedom 12 inch I installed it and immediately took it for a test ride. I was able to ride highway speeds (55 to 60 MPH) with no problems. There is very little wind shear from this windshield. I now have no qualms about taking a longer trip on the bike. Thank you for a wonderful product. As well the price of your windshield is about half of the price of the Harley product and it performs so much better. Thanks again for a product that works as advertised. I will be happy to recommend your windshields to anyone who asks me about it.
Review By: James – Mckinney, TX

EXCELLENT product and service!

John, received the windshield on Wednesday at my hotel (THANKS!). I immediately installed it and took my FLHTCU out for a spin. What a difference! I bought the bike used and it had a straight 10” windshield. The wind would hit my forehead and vibrate my head, especially if I was wearing a helmet, making even short rides annoying. The new 11” pushes the air perfectly just over the top of my helmet. I’ve put about 150 miles on it, and absolutely love it. I would like to thank you for letting me know when my windshield would ship, changing my ship to address to accommodate my trip, and following up to see how my purchase went. Also, for your EXCELLENT product and service before, during, and after the sale. Businesses that actually provide quality products, knowledgeable staff, and great customer service are scarce in today’s day and age. You apparently run your business with the same motto I do: Take care of your customers…or someone else will! Keep the shiny side up, Chris
Review By: Chris – Warsaw, OH

A great product and for superior customer service.

I just purchased the Freedom Shields 9” Ultra in the dark tint for my 2011 Harley FLHTK. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the new windshield. It is superior to the factory Harley windshield in fit, finish, strength and overall appearance. It looks like what Harley should be putting on their bikes. Because I could do a test run if I leave the protective film on, I thought I would try it under all my riding situations. I rode for about 3 hours and put about 175 miles total on it today. I rode some back roads at 45-60 miles per hour and I rode some interstate at 75-80 miles per hour. I took my half helmet and my full face so I could check both out. On my half helmet I was surprised to find a gentle breeze mostly on the sides of the helmet and on the full face I had no noticeable wind noise. In Utah we have a lot of canyons and the wind sometimes gusts to as much as 65 mph. I purposely rode in the canyons and one notoriously windy area to see how it handled the wind. THAT WAS THE BIGGEST SURPRISE! The wind was still there but the bike didn’t move around as much and I could feel the wind hitting me and trying to blow me off the bike but it didn’t grab the handlebars like the Harley windshield does. This was a huge improvement in keeping control of the bike. Next noticeable improvement was when on the interstate and passing huge tractor trailers I didn’t have as much turbulence as normal. It may be because I don’t have as big a “Sail” as with the Harley but you feel slight pressure as you pass the rear of the truck but nothing after that. I usually get bounced around when passing the big trucks. On another note, it seemed that my engine noise was louder than it normally is with the Harley windshield and I finally deduced that the new windshield had better acoustics in the bubble behind the fairing and less wind noise meant I could hear other things better. I wondered how I would like the dark tint but I love it. It is dark and looks great on the Candy Root Beer bike but it was very easy to see through if you have to. I also found that the 9” was almost exactly at the height of the tip of my nose and gave me plenty of room to comfortably see over it without having to move around. Another bonus that I never thought of is when there is a big difference between the dark tint and seeing clear road ahead is the fact that I didn’t follow cars quite as closely as I did before. If I got close enough that I couldn’t see the car in front of me without looking through the dark tint, I backed off a little until I could see them clearly without looking through the windshield. That’s just a little safety bonus for me. When I got home I pulled off my full face helmet and set it down and then looked at the front of the bike. The fairing and the windshield were covered in about 300-400 bugs I collected on the trip which is pretty normal this time of year. The surprise came when I looked at the front of my helmet and it only had 2 tiny bug spots on the entire helmet. I was very surprised because at least 4 to 5 inches sticks up above the windshield and it really proved to me that the wind was moving above my head like it should. It is so much nicer and easier to see the road now and I thank you for a great product and for superior customer service.
Review By: Jerry – Clearfield, UT

The thickness is so much better and does not feel like it will crack when trying to keep it clean.

John, I received the shield today just like you said. I installed it and have to thank you for a wonderful product. Everything about it is awesome. I love the design, the dark tint is exactly what I was looking for as far as tint and looks. The thickness is so much better and does not feel like it will crack when trying to keep it clean. There is still to much snow and salt out on the roads right now but I look forward to putting a few hundred miles on with this great addition to my scoot. Thanks again John
Review By: Gary – Belgium, WI

Its amazing how the shield still moves the air around the hands even at this height…

John, the shield arrived safe and sound. I installed it and went for a short ride but haven’t really used if for a long haul yet. But so far so good. I’ll take some pictures soon and send them on. My neighbor saw the shield and seemed interested in getting one after I let him borrow mine. Oh, and thanks for the cleaner! Sorry I took so long too get back with you. Hope you can use some of these pictures. Wanted to wait till I had the apes installed. Its amazing how the shield still moves the air around the hands even at this height, and still very comfortable. Almost wish I would have gotten the 9 inch!
Review By: Steve – Partlow, VA

You have a winner here with this product.

John, I had a chance to get a good ride in yesterday with the new Freedom Shield in place. Over the course of 150 miles of pretty much every speed and wind condition, the 8” worked perfectly for the SESG! I’m 6’1” with a fairly long torso and the wind screen worked out great. My wife said she never felt the wind in the passenger position and had no idea we were doing 80. She was used to getting beat up by the wind at those speeds. You have a winner here with this product. It looks great on the bike too. Number one question seems to be if the added thickness creates any problem with complete closure of the fairing pieces when installed. Of course, there’s no problem there, fit and finish are great. Thanks for a great product. I’ll probably have to order another one now for my other dresser! Thanks,
Review By: Craig – Charlotte, NC

Review from New Zealand

The Windshield is great and I’m very happy with it – really reduces the buffeting. Here’s one picture I took – perhaps a bit too “arty” for what you’re looking for? Cheers Richard
Review By: Richard – New Zealand

The wind feels less at higher speeds.

Hello John, yesterday I took a few rays of sunshine to make um look around and try new windshield. It is true that even the wind feels less at higher speeds. Best Regards
Review By: Pedro – Portugal

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